By Peter Brinson

Meanwhile is a single player game with
a massive community. Players have a shared
role in shaping the avatar's attributes and
spells. But it is the most skilled players who
compete for the greatest influence- the option to
respec the avatar for everyone. Each player has the
same goal, but how you might get there depends on everyone else.


FAQ - A Breakdown

  1. What does it mean that the avatar is shared by the community?

    All players affect the same avatar stats even though it is a single player game. At any given moment these attributes have the same value for everyone playing. This is done by consistently checking and updating an online database.

  2. How many levels are there?


  3. Why is there a counter in the first 8 levels?

    It represents the time it took the fastest player in the community to complete that level since the counter was last reset. If you reach the end of the level before it reaches zero, then you are the new winner.

  4. Why do the attribute stats increase and decrease?

    Whenever any player completes any of the first 8 levels (out of 10), regardless of their time, the 'attribute of choice' is increased by 0.1%, and the remaining stat with the highest value is reduced by 0.1%.

  5. What is the 'attribute of choice', and who chooses it?

    Whenever a player records a best time for any of the first 8 levels, he or she is asked to choose one of the 3 attributes, which includes running speed, jumping height, and spell recharge. From then on that attribute will increase due to community play while the others decrease (see question #4). As soon as any other player records a new best time for any of the first 8 levels, that person gets to select the new 'attribute of choice' for the community.

  6. When are the attribute stats reset?

    When any of the 3 attributes reach either 0% or 100%, all three are reset to 50%. And the recorded best times for all the first 8 levels are erased to make room for new winners.

  7. What is spell recharge?

    After casting your spell, the time you have to wait to cast again depends on the strength of spell recharge.

  8. What are the magic spells?

    At any time, the community has 1 of the 3 spells at their disposal. (Press the "Z" key)

    Phase shift- pass through anything for a split second

    Space walk- float left and right

    Grav switch- reverse gravity

    The spell can be cast as soon as the spell recharge period is over.

  9. How can I choose the magic spell (for the entire community)?

    Whenver any player completes the game (Level 10) he or she gets to choose 1 of the 3 spells. From then on only that spell will be available to the community, until someone else completes the game and makes a different choice.